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Good taste comes naturally. About Peaks & Valleys

Good taste comes naturally. About Peaks & Valleys

Our StoryTo enjoy life’s peaks, we must travel through its valleys.

At Peaks & Valleys, we believe that the best wine is made the same way life’s moments are enjoyed—organically. From the sustainably farmed grapes that go into every bottle, to our recycled paper labels, we pay attention to the details that matter so you can enjoy these wines the way they were intended to be.


Our Brand

Wandering wines

Peaks & Valleys wines are part of the Wandering Wines brand family. With a passion for wine and travel, three friends came together to share their experiences, travel the globe, and create something great. Wandering Wines is about getting the most out of life's adventures, and Peaks & Valleys help to recount the moments experienced along the way.

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Meet The Founders.

  • FounderAdam Glasgow

    Adam has always had a passion for four things: Family, Travel, Business, and Wine. After taking a trip to Chile with his wife, Krystina, in 2015, he knew he had found a way to combine these into one venture. “Seeing the passion that the people in Chile have for the wine making process was really neat, it’s in their blood.” This experience inspired Adam to begin the exploration to find similar regions around the world. It’s Adam’s goal to share these wines, and this passion with wine drinkers all over.

  • FounderMathias Kiwanuka

    Mathias has always tried to get the most out of life’s adventures while finding a way to give back. Being born the grandson of Uganda’s first prime minister has meant that hard work, dedication, and humility were always expected. He and his wife, Tessa, try to instill these same values in their two young children.

    His hard work in athletics has been well documented, with good reason. He began at Cathedral High School in Indianapolis, then took his talents to Boston College. He became known as an eccentric, yet humble leader. He then went on to become the first-round pick of the New York Giants in the 2006 draft. He played 9 seasons with the G-Men and was a prominent member of two super bowl championship teams.

    His philanthropic efforts have included school renovations in rural Uganda, Youth camps, and sustainable water projects, to name a few. He most recently joined the board of The Water Trust foundation.

    His passions for travel and meeting interesting people have taken him to some of the most remote places on the globe. These passions, combined with his love of wine and good times, are exactly why he partnered with his longtime friends to found Wandering Wines.

  • FounderKrystina Glasgow

    Growing up in a small town in Upstate New York, Krystina was always interested in broadening her horizons through travel. Because her father is from Chile, she was fortunate enough to visit the country as a child and see her family’s vineyards and farms. It wasn’t until she met her husband, Adam, that her interest in wine was truly sparked. To date, they have traveled three continents tasting wines together. She is excited to introduce these special wines that have been a part of her family for generations.